Material Procurement and Expediting

C&C Marketing specializes in timely and accurate material procurement in the fulfillment of our clients specifications and overall requirements.  In addition to traditional methods of  assisting in material supply chain management, C&C Marketing has the ability to establish seamless transaction processing with clients employing material requirements planning (MRP) and/or distribution requirements planning (DRP) systems.   



Specification Research and Estimating

Increasingly clients are in need of a resource to support sourcing material for special projects and research/development.  C&C Marketing provides our customer base with material sourcing to the exact specifications required.  Along with sourcing and estimating, logistics and lead times are considered to best suit the client’s unique situation.



Capital Project Fulfillment and Logistics Support

The critical component in any capital project is the timely and accurate delivery of material to the project site in support of the project schedule.  C&C Marketing has consistently proven itself as a dependable supplier where timing and accuracy are critical.  As with all projects, changes in the scope and specification are inevitable and our personnel are quick to adapt to these changes in support of our clients needs.

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